Characters in the Sapien Solar System

Residents of the Sapien Solar System


Rokuro Onishi
Birthplace: Japan, Planet Asia
Home Planet: Planet Hades
De facto leader of the Debauchers Of Death gang and a feared Samurai swordsman. Known for his loyalty to his men and his intolerance of betrayal.


Judas Benedict
Birthplace: Planet Albin
Home planet: Planet Neutralia
The third member of the Supreme Council on Neutralia. Councilman Judas Benedict is the cynical third wheel of the powerful political threesome, and he is as comfortable dwelling amongst the subversive contingent of the solar system as he is with the political elite.


Mulati Soldaat
Birthplace: Elba County, Zasnezene Province, Planet Hades
Home Planet: Neutralia
Captain of the Starship Whisper
Mulati was dropped off at the Northland Orphanage by his birth mother when he was only five days old. He was left in the capable hands of the young headmaster, Yeung Chow Lo. Under the tutelage of his disciplined mentor, Mulati completely mastered the wing chun kung-fu style by the age of sixteen. At the age of twenty-one he left the orphanage to make his own way in the Sapien solar system.


Sampa Yambasu
Birthplace: Sierra Leone, Planet Alkebulan
Home Planet: Planet Alkebulan
First Mate of the Starship Whisper
This highly intelligent former Collective Alliance Technician is second in command on the Starship Whisper.


Steven Aldrich
Birthplace: Germany, Planet Evropa
Home Planet: Planet Neutralia
Chancellor of the Supreme Council
From the country of Germany on the planet Evropa. The tall, dictatorial, and baritone voiced, leader of the supreme council commands respect wherever he goes. His no nonsense approach to governance sets the tone for the council he spearheads.


Theris Lamont
Birthplace: Planet America
Home Planet: Planet Neutralia
Vice Chancellor of the Supreme Council
Known on his birth planet as Standing Wolf of the Comanche Nation. Theris is second in command on the Supreme Council in Central City. The well respected politician is often seen as the voice of reason and is beloved by the citizens of Central City.