About the Author

About T. O. Burnett

T. O. Burnett is in many ways a typical inner city man. Having moved to the southeast section of Washington, D. C. by the age of one with his single mother, he spent his adolescent years in the school of hard knocks as he grew up there in the Barry Farms community. Like every other child his age, he loved sports, girls, and Kung fu flicks.

Despite not having much, he managed to excel academically very early on. Always inquisitive, T. O. quenched his thirst for knowledge through school and public television. He also prided himself with acquiring trivial knowledge of a multitude of subjects which came from a vast array of sources.

After moving further south to rural Alabama to start high school, T. O. began to explore and develop his writing which came naturally to him. His literary skills and overall writing talent were cultivated by his father who was a respected educator and dedicated public servant.

A tour in the United States Marine Corps as a machine gunner, some college, a few odd jobs, and a career in law enforcement helped to develop what T. O. himself considers to be a well rounded personality.

T. O. has never been married and does not have children. He endeavors to unplug from the rat race by becoming a full time writer.